I am seeking to utilize the APMIS platform for my personal use in creating a joyful, easy, and simplified healthcare experience at any hospital in Nigeria.


To have access to a wide array of credible health information, data, and knowledge. To leverage that access to improve and manage my health status.

To have improved communication with caregivers/physicians, enabling me to ask questions, set up appointments, to request refills and referrals, check test results, and to report problems.

Access to personalized hospital branded smart health card for easy identification at any hospital.



Patient Care

APMIS provides a simple means to capture, store, exchange and utilize healthcare information easily, transparently, and securely in an affordable manner.

We enable and encourage electronic payment in order to improve transparency thereby, reducing drastically time wasted in “waiting” to enjoy services in your hospital.

What You Need

APMIS Mobile

APMIS Biometric Solution

APMIS Health Ins. Platform

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