What matters most when building and sustaining a healthcare organization? What are the precise levers to pull to promote physician well being, financial success, and better outcomes at lower cost?

The results draw a map for healthcare leadership of where to invest in teams and technology to ensure both the productivity and the well being of their physician workforce.

Key findings include:

  • Effective leadership and communication are the leading drivers of physicians’ sense that they are well-supported by their organizations to deliver optimal patient care. Leadership and communication are also predictors of physician engagement and retention.
  • A feeling of isolation is by far the most powerful predictor of burnout among physicians. Administrative burdens, feeling rushed, and being limited in their options for referring patients were also significant drivers of burnout.

Tools to support physician well being

Other significant drivers of burnout identified — frustration with rushed schedules, administrative burdens, EHRs, lack of referral autonomy, and insufficient access to patient data — also point toward often simple remedies with a high chance of success.

Moving toward capability

You can’t make a doctor do anything, but you can lead physicians to do great and wonderful work with resources that are consistent, reliable, and trustworthy. Data-defined tools and resources give healthcare leaders clarity on where to invest, what to implement, and how to build a capable organization.