Transform Healthcare in Nigeria


Want to increase healthcare outcomes for more than 20 patients per day?

APMIS is a connected healthcare platform that improves healthcare outcomes in resource-constrained environment. To expand, we’re looking for a small amount per clinic to finance the rollout of the system that we have built.

Cost of setting up a hospital: $1,250 (covers solar power, internet access, mobile tablets and wifi). We would appreciate donations of mobile tablets or laptops as well.

Solution: The All Purpose Medical Information System (APMIS) is a cloud-based real time SaaS solution with offline capabilities, offering web/mobile app, USSD, SMS, and IVR channels as well as APIs for various stakeholders’ engagement with the platform. It digitizes the internal processes of healthcare delivery organizations (Hospitals, Pharmacies, Laboratories and Imaging Centers), connects them to their clients, collaborative care partners organization, and external experts. It provides business intelligence, and is centered arount the patient.

APMIS Playlist Videos:

Adopt A Hospital is an initiative between Inter-American Educational Consortium represented by Kevin Koym, Founding Partner at Tech Ranch Austin and APMIS HMS Limited represented by Dr. Simpa Dania. Feel free to follow up with us directly by clicking the button below.

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