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APMIS was founded on the belief that technology plays a significant role in transforming healthcare with the ultimate goal of creating joyful healthcare experiences and maximizing resources.

A little over a decade and a half ago obssessed by this philosophy, we began building the All Purpose Medical Information System (APMIS) with the intent to actualize this transformation. APMIS solves the problems of inefficient, dysfunctional and fragmented processes within our healthcare ecosystem. Our solution provides a foundation for an efficient healthcare system whether at facility, local government, state, regional, and national level. APMIS connects every individual to their most valuable asset – THEIR HEALTH, on a single platform bringing accountability, transparency, and value to all stakeholders.

We at APMIS have suffered personally, the consequence of the inefficient paper-based healthcare systems which has strengthened our resolve to promote digital health transformtion as a right for all individuals. We’re obssessively passionate about this mission for every stakeholder to have a joyful healthcare experience in Nigeria.

We believe that every stakeholder whether as individuals, patients, healthcare delivery organization and employees, healthcare maintenance organizations, corporate organizatins, government and non-governmental agencies, even developers would find benefit within the APMIS ecosystem.

Technology… The future of healthcare!
Welcome to the future… APMIS

Our Founding

APMIS was birthed by Dr. Simpa Dania in 2004. It was called Sabaoth Technologies and was first deployed in UCH, Ibadan.

Early Growth and Funding

After a glimpse of the demand, we shifted our focus from consulting in just one state to expanding into the city of Lagos taking our first round of funding in 2007 to power the development of new tools and ideas.

A New Leaf
With our broader marketing efforts in full swing, we rebranded from Sabaoth Technologies to All Purpose Medical Information System (APMIS) in 2015. We developed our All-in-One web application that included features for healthcare professionals, patients, developers, corporate organizations, drug purchase/consumables, patient-doctor communication, e.t.c. We also celebrated 10 years in search and welcomed SIDMACH Technologies as our newest investor.
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